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Co Author Agreement Form

2. Copyright in (book work title) must be protected for the duration of copyright and for any additional or new copyright that can be entered below in any copyright worldwide, and for the name of the author. 3. All funds, advances, receipts and other considerations that must be paid to us with respect to this contract and the sale, lease, license or any other existing or subsequent provision (book work title) are first used for the reimbursement of unpaid expenses resulting from a mutual agreement in writing and by researching the book; The remaining funds are distributed among us as follows: 5. Without the mutual agreement of both parties, there will be no reciprocity for which we are all responsible. I thought I was going to post this for those looking for a book with another author. I suggest you write a contract. This is the co-authoring contract that I use when I partner with another author. Depending on your needs, it can be modified for you.

What is the difference between a licensing agreement and a copyright transfer agreement? Versions of the contract and form website may appear differently depending on the laptop or desktop resolution settings. View them in the print preview to see what they look like when printing. They print the same thing, regardless of the resolution; That is, the width of the screen in which you view them. Authors can also start any page of the writing to indicate their acceptance. Notarization of signatures is an option, but is not a legal necessity to make them valid. If you log in here, please log in to this entry page and not to my individual contract files that don`t appear in search engines. We (the co-authors) make an agreement to write a book full of books in the genre (specific), the subgenre (subgenre) being the subgenre (working title of the book). 4.

It is clear that we do not intend to form this agreement and that this agreement should not be interpreted as a lasting partnership between us. The provisions of this agreement are co-extensive with the life of (book working title). 10. In this context, we have employed single and exclusive representatives (Agency) and we name them (book working title). All payments earned to us for the sale, lease or licence are made on behalf of and on behalf of the agent mentioned, who has the right to receive them on our behalf.

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