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Learning Agreement After Mobility Erasmus

For mobility windows, Table D can be completed as follows: these changes should be agreed upon by all parties within four to seven weeks (after the start of the semester). Each party may request changes within the first two to five weeks following the start of teaching or components of normal teaching for a given semester. The exact time frame must be set by the institutions. The shorter the expected mobility period, the shorter the window of change should be. All of these changes must be agreed upon by all three parties within two weeks of the application. In the event of a change due to the lengthening of the mobility period, changes must be made as soon as possible. For the mobility of students for studies, the apprenticeship agreement should define the group of educational components that will be replaced at the end of their studies abroad. See the guidelines below. Before mobility, it is necessary to fill out page 1 of information on the student, sending institutions and receiving institutions, as well as the three parts that must be completed before mobility. All students who have completed the OLS erasmus assessment prior to mobility will also be subject to a final assessment at the end of mobility. With the OLS, other possibilities are available. Please visit For mobility between the countries of the programme and for languages covered by the Online Language Support Erasmus (OLS), the student must perform the evaluation of the OLS language before and at the end of the mobility period, with the exception of native speakers.

Completion of the online assessment prior to departure is a prerequisite for mobility, except in duly justified cases. This assessment is carried out after the selection of the student, but before the signing of the learning agreement, whenever agreed with the sending institution. The section to be performed during mobility (Abis and Bbis tables) is only required if changes are to be included in the initial learning agreement. In this case, the section that must be completed before mobility (Tables A and B) should remain unchanged and the changes in this section should be described. The form for the learning contract after mobility they summat immediately in Mobility Online. With the certificate of the host university, the Learning Agreement is used to recognize courses abroad for your studies at the University of Vienna after mobility. After mobility and a copy of recordings in Mobility Online, they load a copy of the learning agreement. In all cases, the student will report on the European online survey on the full recognition of his credits obtained abroad by the sending institution, which was agreed on the points agreed in Table B (or Table B until the changes during mobility) and on possible annexes.

An online tool that allows mobile students to prepare, submit and sign their online learning contracts. For all mobility, if the student`s level before mobility is lower than recommended, the sending university and the student commit to reaching the recommended level by the start of mobility, with the support provided by the sending or receiving agency (either with courses that can be funded by the organisation`s support grant, or, if necessary, with Erasmus language courses). Other reasons for change may be the requirement for an extension of the duration of the mobility program abroad.

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