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Ex Agreement Definition

A start-factory agreement is different from a free-board agreement (FOB) in which the seller pays for the transport of his goods to a shipping terminal and pays all customs costs for the receipt of the goods on board. In the meantime, the buyer still has to pay to find, bear and pay the shipping company, as well as the customs fees incurred when the goods reach their destination country. The buyer also bears the insurance costs. Ex Ante and Ex Post, before and after. The ex ante and ex-post perspectives are always defined in relation to an event that could occur or occurred. Think, for example, about how to react to learning a cheating spouse. The ex ante prospect, asks before fraud, before the fact that will be a spouse`s best response to fraud? From this point of view, you may want to threaten serious consequences to deter your spouse from fraud. On the other hand, the ex post perspective questions fraud, the fact. What`s the best answer? Ex Post, you could be pulled towards less harsh reactions, because it is no longer possible to deter what has already happened. Ex Ante, we may want to discourage unauthorized immigration with the threat of punishment and deportation.

Ex Post, we might prefer a path to citizenship. These perspectives oscillate in different ways with our systems three basic legislators; Juries, judges and legislators. Juries are placed in an ex-post position. They are gathered to decide what will happen to the parties to the trial after the alleged injustice. The quality of mercy resonates more often with the ex-post perspective. On the other hand, rules that are considered a precedent, future parties and current parties to the trial, are in front of them and are more inclined to adopt rules that are useful from the ex ante point of view. For example, ward Farnsworth, when he talks about the ex-Ante, ex-post, used an Illinois Supreme Court decision concerning a bank robber who went to a bank, put a gun on the head of an innocent customer and demanded that a bank employee give $5,000 to the thief or that the thief kill the customer. The cashier refused, the thief executed the client, and the client`s estate sued the bank. The ex post perspective here focuses on the bank`s behavior after the threat.

To get used to focusing on the conflicting event, you should familiarize yourself with phrases like Ex Post`s threat. Was the bank`s behaviour reasonable? Given that a threat has occurred, ex post of the threat, it seems inappropriate for the cashier as a bank representative to reject the application. After all, a life is more precious, much more precious than 5000 dollars. But the Illinois Supreme Court, which ruled the case in favor of the bank, took much more of an ex ante perspective. With regard to the policy, ex Ante the threat, the court argued: “In this particular case, the result may seem harsh and unfair. But to protect future entrepreneurs, we cannot afford to accuse the criminal of another weapon in his arsenal.¬†From an ex ante point of view, the denial of responsibility reduces the criminal arsenal, because future criminals cannot threaten to have liability for the banks by killing customers if the banks refuse to give money to the thief. The denial of liability in this case could discourage future bank robberies and thus protect future customers, i.e. future customers. Judges are unique in our legal system because their work directs them to participate in a mix of ex-post and ex ante decisions. The decision on the case before them, as well as the creation of the primacy that will influence the decision in future disputes. Judges will sometimes announce rules that will only apply to litigation in the pipeline.

This means that they will apply a rule to the parties before them, but another rule will apply to future parties at trial. Legislators and regulators are predominant in adopting rules that will apply prospectively and therefore naturally adopt the ex ante perspective, which is why legislators are very attached to ex ante deterrence arguments.

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