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Non Disclosure Agreement Master Thesis

19. Students retain copyright in their academic work, but this right must be reconciled with that of ETS (particularly with regard to inventions, patents and software) and researchers of professors who employ them or research directors who associate students with their work. These rights include the use and, if necessary, confidentiality of the content of a report, thesis or doctoral thesis. In addition, if the thesis is “confidential” under the above agreement, the following rules apply: “If the report, thesis or thesis in question contains research results containing corporate secrets that may be affected by the disclosure of the results, confidentiality must be limited to elements related to trade secrets and legitimate concerns about their protection. and not all of the search results. (section 30) The following program coordinators can sign the confidentiality agreement: 21. Subject to the provisions of sections 19, 24 and 25, students retain the copyright of their studies, reports, theses and doctoral theses, which are concluded within the specific framework of their academic program. This right is even applicable to the research director, unless a prior written agreement has been signed taking into account specific circumstances related to the preparation of the report, thesis or thesis. Short-term confidentiality of a report, thesis or thesis at the student`s request If the project is subject to a contractual confidentiality agreement, the teacher and student must ensure that the terms of the confidentiality clause are respected in the contract. All students must be informed of these conditions before participating in the project. The student may be asked to sign a confidentiality form at a later date and to comply with all other commitments made by the ETS as part of a particular project. If the final examination is confidential, the Dean of Study ensures that all board members are covered by a confidentiality recognition agreement. 23. Where the specific conditions of a research project are favourable to the development of a report, thesis or doctoral thesis, the research director must inform the student in advance and inform the rights of all parties concerned with regard to the use of the project results.

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