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Water Charges Agreement

The general maintenance of the pump is the responsibility of the owner. If tenants damage the pump (z.B by running the pump when the tank is empty), they may be responsible for the repair costs. The owner must give written instructions on how the supply water system works. In the event of a lease agreement, water rates are charged to Homes North in accordance with the RTA (section 139), which provides that “a tenant under a social housing lease agreement must pay the lessor all costs set by the tenant`s water use guidelines, approved by the appropriate minister.” During the billing period from June 1 to August 31, the Water Authority`s water charge on the ground was $50. Marion and her children had occupied the property for 14 days and Ian and Molly and their children for 21 days. The property was therefore occupied for 35 days of the 92-day billing period. The property was empty 58 days after the billing period expired and it is therefore assumed that there was no water consumption. The daily use is therefore based on the 35 days when the accommodation has been occupied. A tenant`s water tax can be adjusted in the following cases: Homes North charges tenants who live in homes that have a separate water meter for water based on their actual water consumption.

In accordance with ministerial guidelines, a separate water meter must be readily accessible to the water department and produce an individual water meter on the land`s water bill. Contract for the operation and maintenance of a city`s water and sanitation systems This policy includes real estate owned by Homes North as social or affordable housing or managed by homes North. It applies to tenants who occupy these properties under a housing agreement, including a rental agreement or an occupancy agreement. When a tenant has doubts about their water rates, they should first raise these concerns with their housing manager. If their litigation cannot be resolved, the concern should be raised by the Homes North complaint policy. In the case of a building with a common meter (or for which the local water authority does not provide sufficient information to determine the actual water consumption of each tenant), water use charges are calculated on the basis of a percentage of the total rent. Owners to provide electricity (increased rates will reset the balance of the contract). In most contracts, the operator will get his own electricity system – an important issue, because electricity is one of the biggest costs for operating a water system. To account for water used in public spaces, 10% of the water consumption charged by the water service is paid by Homes North (unless the common water consumption comes entirely from an on-site rainwater tank). All abnormally high water bills brought to Homes North`s attention will be reviewed. An increase in water meter levels may explain by visitors who are on site, garden irrigation in the summer or other seasonal variations of water use or leakage. Homes North`s asset manager will draw the attention of tenant managers to unusual fluctuations in tenants` water consumption to ensure that the water infrastructure is properly maintained.

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